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Most people know that outdoor air pollution damages their health. But did you know that, according to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), your home's pollutants levels may be 2 to 5 times – and even more than 100 times – higher than outdoor pollutant levels? 

These pollutants include: 

Because of their prominence in your home, indoor air pollutants have been ranked among the top five environmental risks to public health. They cause subtle problems and can agitate the allergies and asthma symptoms of those in your family.

So, what's the solution? Whole-home air cleaners can catch a variety of contaminants in your home--leaving nothing but a literal breathe of fresh air.

Want to keep your home's air clean? Contact us online or call (425) 414-8015 for more details about the air cleaners we provide.

Improving Indoor Air Quality for a Healthier Home

At SUNDANCE Energy, we understand the importance of clean and healthy indoor air for you and your family. Our indoor air quality services in Bothell are designed to remove pollutants, allergens, and contaminants from your home, creating a healthier living environment for everyone.

Our indoor air purification systems include:

  • Particle-removing filters to capture dust, pollen, and other airborne particles
  • Gas-removing filters to eliminate odors, smoke, and harmful gases
  • Ultraviolet germicidal irradiation (UVGI) lamps to kill bacteria, viruses, and mold spores

By investing in an air purification system, you can enjoy cleaner air, reduced allergy symptoms, and a healthier home overall. Contact us today to learn more about our indoor air quality services and start breathing easier in your Bothell home.

Commonly Asked Questions

What are some common indoor air pollutants?

Common indoor air pollutants include pollen, dust, mold, mildew or fungus, bacteria, viruses, pet dander, dust mites, tobacco smoke, gases, and many more.

How do indoor air pollutants affect health?

Indoor air pollutants can agitate allergies and asthma symptoms and have been ranked among the top five environmental risks to public health.

What are whole-home air cleaners?

Whole-home air cleaners are systems that can catch a variety of contaminants in your home, providing clean and fresh air throughout the entire house.

How do whole-home air cleaners differ from portable air purifiers?

Whole-home air cleaners are installed into your HVAC system and can purify the air throughout your entire home, while portable air purifiers are limited to specific rooms.

What are the benefits of installing a whole-home air purification system?

Installing a whole-home air purification system can improve indoor air quality, reduce allergens, and create a healthier living environment for you and your family.

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  • “The staff from SUNDANCE Energy repaired and serviced our two gas fireplaces, she did a great job and our fireplaces work again and look really clean!” Tracy B.
  • “Michael Rierson from SUNDANCE Energy serviced my furnance and gas fireplace. I was very impressed with Michael's knowledge and excellent customer service.” John B.
  • “Jordan performed maintenance and cleaning of my two gas insert fireplaces. He was polite, professional and friendly. Very nice to work with and answered all of my questions.” Christina I.
  • “Jordan was great!! He was respectful, polite and informative.” Terry B.
  • “The technician was very helpful, provided the information about what to check and how to fix it on my own. Followed his suggestions/instructions and could resolve the problem.” Narasimha A.

Indoor Air Cleaner Types

There are 3 main types of whole-home air cleaners. Each has a different purpose based on the type of pollutants you want to clean out of your home. 

Particle-removing filters

Install this if you want to remove: Particles (including dust, dust mites, tobacco smoke smoke, pollen, animal dander) and they can catch some molds, bacteria and viruses.

How it works: These aren't your typical air filters. They're designed to catch smaller particles that affect your health. There are two main types of particle remover air cleaners, and they work differently:

  • Mechanical air filters: This is what a HEPA air filter is. It draws your air through a fibrous or metal filter to trap the particles. It's designed to catch tiny particles that your normal air filter can’t.
  • Electronic air filters: Uses electrostatic attraction to catch particles out of the air. It does this by shocking particles to give them a charge and then uses a collector plate of an opposite charge to attract and trap the particles. 

Gas-removing filters

Install this if you want to remove: Gases

How it works: Removes gases and odor from your home's air using a sorbent (a material used to absorb water or gas) that absorbs the pollutants. Sorbents are used in gas masks to protect people from harmful gases.

Ultraviolet germicidal irradiation (UVGI) lamps

Install this if you want to remove: Biological pollutants including: viruses, molds and bacterium.

How it works: Uses ultraviolet radiation from UV lamps to destroy viruses, bacteria, allergens, and molds that are growing on surfaces in your heating and cooling system such as cooling coils, drain pans or ductwork. 

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